Thursday, April 2, 2015

Travel Report!


As you fly into London you notice how big the city is. Lights are on all the time in London, so as you fly over at night you look down and see a bright star of lights. London is one of the biggest cities in the world. There are many Activities in London as well as Districts. Parliament has also been a key factor in London’s history. 

Strolling down London’s old streets and looking around at the old architecture is one activity you could do in London. Take a tour of London with guides. I would recommend visiting their national museum’s. You could even research London’s History. There is even egg hunts during easter. If you want to go crazy then do Bunny racing.

Parliament has been a key factor of British history, it took over the UK after the Glorious Revolution. Mary & William agreed to let Parliament take over. There are major security groups in the facilities. Parliament is open to all UK and overseas visitors to attend debates, watch committee hearings, or take a tour inside one of the world’s most iconic buildings. UK residents can also book a tour of Elizabeth Tower to see Big Ben.
There are many districts in London. London is divided into Suburbs, Parishes, Boroughs, Parliamentary Divisions and Postal Districts. Some Districts are Bankside, Battersea, Bayswater, and many more. 
London is a wonderful place to visit from the beautiful lights as you fly into the city; the many activities, the history of the Parliament, and all the great districts.  So much to see you can even visit the great River Thames. 


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