Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PLANET thing assignment


I traveled to the GORILLA SAUCE in 1930. I have learned that you don’t age on GORILLA SAUCE. There are many resources on this planet. Water, food, weird trees, and chocolate dirt. I came to GORILLA SAUCE to explore. I heard of many amazing things seen from afar. Charles the master scientist, Bella the master explorer, and me the master of everything.

When we landed on GORILLA SAUCE our space chip disintegrated in the atmosphere. The weird thing was that we could breathe on the planet. We walked till we found a river then set up camp. We were looking for food and water. I had one of those weird feelings that someone was watching us. A chill ran down my back and i turned around to see a gigantic brown harry cotton candy monster with Doritos as fangs. We were running and running until we fell over a big branch and landed in the chocolate tasting dirt. The monster caught up to us and picked us up and hugged us. He took us to there village and gave us a home. 

By: Brook

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