Friday, February 20, 2015

College essay

    College Essay By: BrookColfack
In a few years when your car breaks down, you might call me to repair it. I may be young now but my love for cars is old. I’m going to college to learn more about cars and how to restore them. I’m hoping I will be an auto body repair man/ car mechanic. I’m thanking my cousin, Cole Macklem, for inspiring me to restore cars. Going to college to be a car mechanic is important so you can learn about the engine and the parts of the car. This is why I want to go to college. 

I want to be a Car Mechanic. Going to college will help me known what everything is on a car. Being a car mechanic will be fun to me because I will be able to restore cars. I like almost every old type of car. I’ m a person who would repair the car to its full potential. I would go to college so I could learn how to use a welder, grinder, sander, waxer, paint gun, and other tools needed to repair a car.

My education is important because as a car mechanic you will need to know math and other subjects. An education will help me with my future even if I don't become a car mechanic. College is something every one should go to because it is important to get an education. Some people don't have the same passion for cars like me. Even if you can't make it to college, but  do your best in high school. Even if I'm not a mechanic and I get another job i’ll still know how to restore my own car.

I will continue to love restoring cars even when I'm old and retired. Everyone’s college degree matters depending on your future. Soon I will build my own small block engine. I’m a seventh grader and I want my future to be the best thing it can be so I am hoping to go to college.