Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Poem 2

It means amazing, athletic, cool
It is the number 18
It is like aqua
It is when we went tubing
It is the memory of Mack
Who taught me courage and love
When he showed courage was when he took cancer tumors head on he also showed love bye living long enough to see us again before he passed
My name is Brook

It means have courage and live

Poem 1

Happy during holidays
Open season every season
Loud and crazy all the time
Imagination and creation
Days of joy and joining together with family
America has a lot of holidays
Years go bye and there will always be another holiday
Singing and dancing together

Monday, November 24, 2014

Blind Sight

By Brook Colfack

         Sacrifice in the movie Blindsight is when the children and the leaders sacrificed their trip to stay as a group. Tashi, Kylia, and Sonam sacrificed their trip so the other kids could make it to the top of the peak. I have had to Sacrifice myself at a football game to get a touchdown pass. I’ve also sacrificed myself for my sister so she could go swimming. Sacrifices are a key to life. 

Photo By Archangel12.

Friday, November 14, 2014

America America Freeeeeedom freedom

American Freedom

America is a land of the free and the brave. All of the people that live in America respect our Fighters in the Army, Air force, Marines, Coastguard, and Navy. The meaning of American Freedom is the Definition of Freedom, Personal Connections, and Kinds of Freedom.
The definition of freedom is simple to Americans and will be described below. First is the Sacrifices made by our veterans. That is the only reason why we are free. Second is that freedom does not come free and it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want to do. There are laws. You can do many things that the Government does not tell you to do it. Last is that you control your own future so make it a good one.
These are my personal connections to America. I love guns and how we can hunt freely. I always feel safe in America because of our strong defenses. Also my Great Grandpa, Carl, was in WWII and he tells all these stories of him in battle.
There are many different types of Freedom. Freedom to bare arms which means we can have guns to hunt and to keep for safety. Freedom of Speech, which means you can speak any language or speak about anything. Also there is Freedom of Religion which means you can believe in any religion. There are many more freedoms in America.
Now that you have read American Freedoms meaning, Personal connections, and Kinds of Freedom you can tell your family what you have learned. Words of advice are, respect our Freedom because people fought for it and died for it.