Monday, September 29, 2014

I Am Brook

Three things that i learned through this project include......
1.How to use iMovie
2.How to take a screen shot
3.How to add pictures/videos from Photo Booth to iMovie

Monday, September 15, 2014


Today in english we celebrated Dot Day. Im not much of an artist but i shall not give up. This is my DOT.

Friday, September 12, 2014

An Unforgettable School Day

One day on a steaming, humid day where every one was sweating. There was screams and howls in the little town of O’Neill. Im now looking around outside and deciding what to play. There are many different games being played. To my left there was a football game, to my right there was a soccer game. Then there was all the playground equipment.
I was at recess when I decided to play football our team scored a touchdown. Then on the kick off the other team scored witch tied it up the game. We lost the ball next possession. The other team scored off it and recess was almost over so our team decided on what to do on kick off.
Then it happened i was diving for the ball and I heard a crunch and pain came through my hand as I look at my hand I saw a kid standing on it. I got up and continued playing then my hand started to puff up. After recess we went to P.E i told coach that my hand hurt and I couldn't dribble the basket ball.
When coach set me home I went to the doctors and he took a x ray of my hand. He asked me what happened i told him about football and how someone stepped on it. So he told me i split my knuckle and he gave me a hand cast. He told me every once in a while i would have to take it off to wash my hand. i couldn't write or do any thing that included my hand.
I learned never put your hand in a dangerous position or bad things could happen to it. I was lucky that it was just my knuckle and not my whole hand or else that would of taken about 8 weeks. Luckily my hand healed in 4 weeks.Im doing better now and my hand healed and i never put it in danger again.