Friday, August 29, 2014

Six word story

Vote Brook for a great president
Bedroom Writing

Here is my room. I love my room there is my Xbox sitting on a desk gleaming like the night sky. And then there is my brother Baylee. Baylee always is crazy and weird most of the night and day. I have a closet a very small closet. It fits perfectly in the corner of my room it stores my favorite games and clothes. That closet looks like a fridge in the kitchen but it has bigger doors of mahogany.

There’s my bow sitting on top of my closet camouflaged into my brown paint like a stick bug on a tree branch. My bed sits lowly until night comes waiting for me to lay down and rest. I have 2 lava laps one glows brightly in the dark night like room. The other one i don’t use much because that is my favorite it shines bright like the ocean under the sunlight. Im rich beyond measure.