Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose your own adventure author note

We had a really long interesting story medieval times. You on a quest to kill the king of Britain. We made the story in inspiration. I think it turned out really good except there was not to long of sentences. I liked that our story was long but we didn't have time to make pictures for it but it is still good.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PLANET thing assignment


I traveled to the GORILLA SAUCE in 1930. I have learned that you don’t age on GORILLA SAUCE. There are many resources on this planet. Water, food, weird trees, and chocolate dirt. I came to GORILLA SAUCE to explore. I heard of many amazing things seen from afar. Charles the master scientist, Bella the master explorer, and me the master of everything.

When we landed on GORILLA SAUCE our space chip disintegrated in the atmosphere. The weird thing was that we could breathe on the planet. We walked till we found a river then set up camp. We were looking for food and water. I had one of those weird feelings that someone was watching us. A chill ran down my back and i turned around to see a gigantic brown harry cotton candy monster with Doritos as fangs. We were running and running until we fell over a big branch and landed in the chocolate tasting dirt. The monster caught up to us and picked us up and hugged us. He took us to there village and gave us a home. 

By: Brook

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration 

Do you want to be successful like my inspiration? Than follow the steps that my inspiration used. Believing in yourself, Working Hard, and Family. My mom is my inspiration. She has her own business and sometimes works till late at night. Although she generally works at her business she sometimes brings the bookwork home.  Sometimes to be successful you have to put in a lot of time and hard work.

Believing in yourself and setting goals for later in life can make you work hard and achieve your goals. “You always want to be proud of what you do.” said my Inspiration.  My mom believes in herself so she can achieve her goals. She always tells me to trust myself and believe you can do what you set your heart to do.

Working hard for a business or for your family is important to my mom. My mom works so hard that sometimes her hands get sore. My mom is self-employed and owns and grooming business for dogs. She inspires me to work there sometimes and wants me to be a veterinarian or else take over her job. My mom is a hard working lady.

Family is important to my mom. She always teaches us and also learns from us. She helps design our yard to make it look better. She has a lot of faith in her children that we will do the right thing. My mom inspires us at home to make food and do our chores. She teaches us to do the right thing and make good decisions.

Trusting in yourself, Believing in yourself, Working hard, and loving her Family are all things my mom does. She is a very inspirational person and she inspired me.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Travel Report!


As you fly into London you notice how big the city is. Lights are on all the time in London, so as you fly over at night you look down and see a bright star of lights. London is one of the biggest cities in the world. There are many Activities in London as well as Districts. Parliament has also been a key factor in London’s history. 

Strolling down London’s old streets and looking around at the old architecture is one activity you could do in London. Take a tour of London with guides. I would recommend visiting their national museum’s. You could even research London’s History. There is even egg hunts during easter. If you want to go crazy then do Bunny racing.

Parliament has been a key factor of British history, it took over the UK after the Glorious Revolution. Mary & William agreed to let Parliament take over. There are major security groups in the facilities. Parliament is open to all UK and overseas visitors to attend debates, watch committee hearings, or take a tour inside one of the world’s most iconic buildings. UK residents can also book a tour of Elizabeth Tower to see Big Ben.
There are many districts in London. London is divided into Suburbs, Parishes, Boroughs, Parliamentary Divisions and Postal Districts. Some Districts are Bankside, Battersea, Bayswater, and many more. 
London is a wonderful place to visit from the beautiful lights as you fly into the city; the many activities, the history of the Parliament, and all the great districts.  So much to see you can even visit the great River Thames. 


Friday, February 20, 2015

College essay

    College Essay By: BrookColfack
In a few years when your car breaks down, you might call me to repair it. I may be young now but my love for cars is old. I’m going to college to learn more about cars and how to restore them. I’m hoping I will be an auto body repair man/ car mechanic. I’m thanking my cousin, Cole Macklem, for inspiring me to restore cars. Going to college to be a car mechanic is important so you can learn about the engine and the parts of the car. This is why I want to go to college. 

I want to be a Car Mechanic. Going to college will help me known what everything is on a car. Being a car mechanic will be fun to me because I will be able to restore cars. I like almost every old type of car. I’ m a person who would repair the car to its full potential. I would go to college so I could learn how to use a welder, grinder, sander, waxer, paint gun, and other tools needed to repair a car.

My education is important because as a car mechanic you will need to know math and other subjects. An education will help me with my future even if I don't become a car mechanic. College is something every one should go to because it is important to get an education. Some people don't have the same passion for cars like me. Even if you can't make it to college, but  do your best in high school. Even if I'm not a mechanic and I get another job i’ll still know how to restore my own car.

I will continue to love restoring cars even when I'm old and retired. Everyone’s college degree matters depending on your future. Soon I will build my own small block engine. I’m a seventh grader and I want my future to be the best thing it can be so I am hoping to go to college.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Poem

Christmas is here
running with cheer
about a week from here
presents a bout
going to shout
but don't pout!

List poem Nebraska

Middle state
corn huskers
wheat farm
corn farm
dairy cows
people are nice
Sand Hills
Many more cities